National Issue

Video from Washington Post. Menstrual products are classified by more than 40 states as “non-essential luxury items” and taxed just like clothes, electronics, and cars regardless of the fact that they are entirely essential for an entire half of the population. This is entirely at odds with policies in most states where almost all medications are […]

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The Facts

Infographic designed by: Dylan Lochridge-Fletcher via Legislation Alongside Wisconsin, lawmakers in Chicago, Utah, Ohio, California, New York, Michigan and Connecticut have proposed similar legislation to eliminate the tax that they say unfairly treats periods as a “disease” or “illness,” or considers the products to be “luxury” items. The bill in Utah has been rejected, while New […]

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What do we think?

The battle over the Tampon Tax is not only national, that same fight hits college students hard right here at home in San Marcos, Texas as well. Twenty-five college aged students around San Marcos were surveyed to see how they feel about the Tampon Tax. The students that were surveyed were between 18-28 years old, […]

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Helpful Websites These websites are all about the Tampon Tax fight. Here is where you can learn more: Free The Tampon Menstruation Joins the Economic Conversation Introduction of Bill Press Release U.S States that tax tampons Free the tampons: Nancy Kramer at TEDxColumbus THE FIGHT TO END PERIOD SHAMING IS GOING MAINSTREAM Bloody Disgrace Why […]

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About the Author

_MG_7873-2I am a Senior majoring in mass communication at Texas State University with a minor in art and design. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas until I decided to leave for college in San Marcos, TX. Right now my game plan is to attend grad school at Texas State University for Digital Media in the Fall of 2016.

Besides school, I split my time two ways. Half of my time is spent working from home as Technical Support for Apple since June 2014. I started my Apple career supporting iOS products and currently have switched over to Mac products. I love the comfort from working from home. It is simply the best! In June I will have been with Apple for almost 2 years!

The rest of my time is split between an on campus job in the Alkek and Centennial teaching theaters since September 2013. For a few semesters in my college career I worked as a photographer for KTSW radio station blog. Alongside those job that I have had constantly in college, I worked at a summer camp named Lutherhill as Digital Media Coordinator. I attended this camp as a camper many years before and finally had the chance to work for them. I was responsible for the daily photography, videography and social media for the whole camp.

I decided to do my reporting project over the Tampon Tax because I, like many other women, have been affected by this so called luxury tax. There is no sound reason why tampons and other feminine products should be taxed as luxuries. I support sales taxes on items but not ones that are medically required. This tax is unjust and gender specific. Hopefully this website helps open up the publics eye to this very relevant issue.

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